Ensemble Trielen - Trio d'anches

Trielen and Jutta Carstensen

Ensemble Trielen proposes you its new concert born when it met the German vocalist Jutta Carstensen. This new collaboration offers you to listen to original transcriptions of Yiddish songs, specially made by Michel Hoffmann for Trielen. This new program was produced at the “Komische Oper” (Comic Opera) in Berlin in Spring 2008. The sweet modulations from both voice and Yiddish language become integrated into the instrumental dialogue with a singular cleverness, making people able to listen to an entirely original instrumentation in this aesthetician way.

Next record of Ensemble Trielen with Jutta Carstensen with the label Ad Vitam - Harmonia Mundi :

The extraordinary energy of Klezmer music joined to the musical accompaniment of the Yiddish language - able to provide us so many emotions - are served here by “an unusual Ensemble”, giving way to a free ornamentation, in order to better translate the spontaneity, the humour or the infinite sadness of these musical witnesses, where virtuosity, inventiveness and improvisation are always required.

>> listen to excerpts from the disc

Jutta Carstensen, soprano
Born in 1964 in Germany, she is a vocalist, a singer master and she is entrusted with education in musicology. For more than fifteen years nowadays, her vocal repertoire is particularly centred on classical music, church hymn, German song and Yiddish melodies.
Besides her initial teaching formation, she has studied vocals with different teachers, such as Roméo Alavi Kia at Vienna and Werner Plath who is an opera singer and a specialist of the therapy by voice, singing and speaking. Besides, she has followed a formation about “psycho-training”, based on the resonance of the voice, within the association “Il canto del mondo”, under the aegis of Yehudi Menuhin and the management of Dr Karl Adamek and Carina Eckes. She sings with the German ensemble “Cantaton”, crossing the whole of Germany with it. When she was very young, she discovered the Yiddish music. From this very time, her quite exceptional delight and her love given through these Yiddish songs